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Boost the Professional Quality of Your Kickstarter Video with the Right Equipment

You Can Easily Add a Professional Touch To Your Kickstarter Video By Using the Right Equipment.

Crystal sound, clear footage, and controlled lighting are all elements needed to add a professional touch to your Kickstarter video. Your phone by itself is not good enough to achieve the desired professional quality. Neither are most low-end digital cameras.

Even with high-end cameras, the sound from the built-in microphone is probably going to sound hollow, and distant. Though technology advancements have increased the image and sound quality on cell phones and camera mics, professional equipment and know-how is always better.

To make a huge boost to the professional quality of your Kickstarter Video, we suggest 1. a professional camera, 2. lighting equipment, and 3. an external microphone.

Equipment Item #1: Video Camera

Image clarity adds a professional touch to your Kickstarter video that you want for your campaign. Fuzzy videos are not as captivating to watch with the technology we have available to us today. Kickstarter Video Equipment

Did you know that your exact product presented differently can be the difference between a $10K campaign and a multi-million dollar campaign?

Funded Today always uses high-quality cameras for our crowdfunding video productions because we understand what a difference it can make. You can expect to pay $3,000+ for a video camera suitable to produce a high-quality Kickstarter Video. If you do purchase such a camera, make sure it features a full sensor and not a cropped sensor. Cropped sensors automatically reduce quality unless you are experienced. Even then, you’d prefer a full sensor.

Another helpful tip is to invest in tools to help keep your camera steady. Steady Cams, The Ronin M, Slider Rails, and Tripods are the right equipment to improve the stability and clarity of your footage.

Equipment Item #2: Lighting

It’s important to show off your Kickstarter or Indiegogo product in the best light. Any subject looks better when the right light is showcasing it. The opposite is also true. Poor lighting can make the actors and your product appear unattractive, dull, and uninteresting. This is not a place to cut on your Kickstarter video cost.

Natural, diffused lighting (from windows and shade) is an inexpensive route to go and very easy to work with. You won’t be limited by shadows and harsh lines that undiffused light, such as direct sunlight, can create. Direct sunlight without diffusion should also be avoided because it distorts color and makes it difficult for actors to avoid squinting.

Kickstarter Video EquipmentMid-day is the worst time to capture footage because this is when the harsh lighting is at it’s worst. An overcast day is often desirable because it will provide flat, even lighting to work with.

It is a good idea to show off your product in multiple applications in order to appeal to a wider range of audiences. Natural lighting, although inexpensive, is not always available in every area you might want to utilize for filming. This is why lighting equipment is great to have on hand.

Having improved in recent years, LED Lighting can be a great, inexpensive option when it comes to Kickstarter video lighting equipment. LED Lights are affordable, generally easy to transport, require less power, and don’t heat up as much. And if you really want to push quality, we recommend Arri lights and Kino Flo lighting systems.

Equipment Item #3: Microphone

The sound in your Kickstarter video is almost more important than the imagery.

Using a phone or a low-quality camera are both ways to ruin the sound of your video, especially when you use the in-camera microphone with no external microphones and recorders. High-quality microphone equipment is so important to capture the true and rich sound needed for a Kickstarter video.

While it’s okay to do voiceovers yourself, especially if you have a natural speaking voice, if you can afford it, a professional voice-over artist can push the quality of your entire video. Famous voices will cost a lot more than most crowdfunding campaigns can afford to hire, but Funded Today can find very comparable voices that will be able to complement your video.

Don’t Forget Background Music in Your Kickstarter Video

Music adds a vibe to your video that you just can’t get any other way. Since most songs are protected by copyright, you will need to purchase the rights to music through an online music library, like AudioJungle. Sometimes, it’s worth purchasing custom music from a composer. Funded Today does both, depending on the other production costs.Kickstarter Video Equipment

Regardless of the product you are selling, people will buy based on feelings and the background music is one of the quickest ways to influence the emotional state of your backers. Once you have decided on the emotion(s) you want your backers to feel when they watch your Kickstarter video, picking your Kickstarter video background music should become a lot easier.

Now, put it all together.

The right equipment, if used correctly, can add the desirable professional quality that will help your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign stand out to the crowd. Not only are backers investing in the product you are selling, they are also investing in your business. A lot can be said for a business that invests in making the Kickstarter video and page design look professional and cohesive.

It is understandable if you are hesitant to purchase all of the essential Kickstarter video equipment, just to have it sit around the home or office once you are through shooting the footage. Once you figure in the thousands it will cost to obtain the right equipment along with the cost of finding the people who know how to shoot and edit well, you might as well hire a production company, like Funded Today, to take care of everything for you.

The creative team at Funded Today not only has the right equipment, they have also spent hours of research on psychological messaging and understands that the video script is even more powerful than utilizing the right equipment. The best news is that you get both if you hire Funded Today.

When you do your video, page design, and marketing in-house at Funded Today, your campaign will be so much more powerful because your message will be consistent.

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