Learn the exact strategies we have used to raise over $200 million on Kickstarter.
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Is Hiring Multiple Marketing Agencies a Good Crowdfunding Strategy?

By David Garber

You’ve just kicked the launch button on your crowdfunding project… And instead of the tidal wave of pledges you were hoping for, you’re receiving something else entirely: messages from marketers trying to sell you on their promotion services.Not really what you signed up f... Continue Reading

5 Viral Content Marketing Strategies for Crowdfunding Campaigns

By Shane Paarman

I’ve seen many successful viral content marketing strategies for product launches over the years, whether it be a cool new invention, a funny product, or a new service offered. They have all generated a huge amount of exposure around the world from some form of viral marketing.Today, I am g... Continue Reading

Don't Be A Little Goldfish. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

By Thomas Alvord

Did you know a goldfish can grow up to 12 inches or more, if in a pond. But when in a fish tank, it stays only a few inches! It's because it doesn't have the need to grow when in a fish tank.I recently watched this Tedx Talk. It was a great talk: Why comfort will ruin your life by Bill Ec... Continue Reading

Products Sell Themselves Better with Help - The Power of Presentation

By David Garber

Now that I’ve blogged about both the power of product and the power of promotion, I figured that it was only fitting to add a few words about the power of presentation in order to cover everything sufficiently.  These three broad categories of factors are crucial to the success (or failure) ... Continue Reading

Indiegogo's #1 Marketing and Video Agency

By Thomas Alvord

Who's Indiegogo's #1 Marketing & Video Agency?If you are curious who Indiegogo's top marketing and video agency is, the answer is Funded Today.Funded Today is in fact Indiegogo's best marketing and video company. Funded Today has sent more traffic, and generated more pledges for Indiegog... Continue Reading

The Best Kickstarter Marketing Agency - Funded Today Review - A Focused Look at Kickstarter’s and IndieGoGo’s Top Marketing Agency

By Zach Smith

The Best Kickstarter Marketing AgencyYou’re a creator. You’ve examined your ideas, invested your time and pieces of your soul, and now you have a creation that is ready for crowdfunding. As a creator, you no doubt have ideas about how to market your crowdfunding campaign. After all, this is your ... Continue Reading

Kickstarter vs Indiegogo - Which is Better?

By Thomas Alvord

We just updated our analysis of the Kickstarter vs Indiegogo stats for 2018.(If you want to immediately dive into the Kickstarter vs Indiegogo Stats for 2018, you can view the spreadsheet and data here.)In deciding between Kickstarter vs Indiegogo, the answer is 100% Kickstarter. Kickstarter outp... Continue Reading

How A Niche Product Killed It On Kickstarter

By Pascal Friedmann

Little kids. No matter how much you like them, there is only a rather small chance that you currently have any right at this moment. Which means, in turn, that you are probably quite unlikely to back a Kickstarter campaign for a product specifically made for little kids. Or so one might thin... Continue Reading

How We Work “Deeply” for Our Clients

By Samantha Adams

The landscape of Deep Work is pretty unknown. What is it? How does it work? Does everyone use it? It seems to be a department that not a lot of people take the time to understand or really even know about. Basically, in a nutshell, Deep Work is the ability to focus without distraction on a c... Continue Reading

Hiring For Crowdfunding Marketing? Why Fewer is More.

By Pascal Friedmann

You’ve just launched the best crowdfunding project ever on Kickstarter. And within what seems like minutes, you receive dozens of messages from marketing agencies and individuals who make pitches to you about promoting your product. Often, our clients are overwhelmed by so much attenti... Continue Reading

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