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How to Correctly Match the Kickstarter Video Format

Are You Struggling to Upload Your Kickstarter Video Because it Isn’t in the Right Format?

Are you looking to make a Kickstarter video and want to be prepared?

We have the answer, either way:

Your Kickstarter video format needs to be in MOV, WMV, or MP4 in order to be uploaded to your campaign. MP4 is recommended because it will provide better video quality than WMV and more versatility than MOV.

There are two quick ways to turn your Kickstarter video format into an MP4 file. One way is done with YouTube, and the other way can be done with Adobe Media Encoder.

Here is how to adjust your video format using YouTube:

1- First, open your YouTube account. If you didn't already know, you should have a YouTube Channel that is linked to your Google account email address. Simply go to YouTube.com and you should automatically be signed into your account.

2- Upload your video to YouTube and change the view from “Public” to “Private”.Kickstarter Video Format

3- Next, click on “Video Manager” as seen in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Kickstarter Video Format

4-Then, select the drop-down button next to “edit” and click “Download MP4. 

Kickstarter Video Format

Youtube is an easy and convenient way to adjust the Kickstarter Video Format. When you download a video from YouTube, it will automatically make your video small enough to be uploaded to Kickstarter. Don’t worry about losing quality by downgrading the file size. Kickstarter is going to need to do this anyways to make the experience more efficient for viewers. Your video will still look great in your viewers' eyes as long as the footage is clear, to begin with.

Next, here is how to adjust your video format using Audio Media Encoder: 

1-First, open Audio Media Encoder and select your video.

2-Then select where it says “F4V” to open the Export Settings.

Kickstarter Video Format

3-Click the drop-down menu next to “Format,” and scroll down to where it says “H.264”. This is the format you want. Kickstarter Video Format

3- The Kickstarter video format should now be in MP4. You can double check by looking at the “Source” information under the “Summary” section. It should say “Clip, ‘videoname.mp4’”

You are now ready to upload your video to Kickstarter.

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