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You Know You're Good When Everyone Copies You

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I suppose I should be flattered then that virtually every other crowdfunding agency copies what Funded Today does.

Two years ago we started using subdomain redirects on our marketing links to enable us to track all our marketing. (This is our fnd.to tracking system, such as http://1.fnd.to/traveljacket). We were the first to ever do this. What did everyone else start doing? They started using subdomain redirects to track their marketing efforts.

A year ago we redid one of our Kickstarter banners to say: 

Now we don't just make up the fact that we are the world's most successful crowdfunding marketing agency. We have worked with more Kickstarter campaigns than anyone in the world. We drive more traffic to Kickstarter than any agency in the world. The only sites  who drive more traffic are Google, Youtube, and Facebook, which are the 3 largest websites in the world!  And we have created more million dollar campaigns than any other agency. 

So based on all of that, we are the world's most successful crowdfunding marketing agency.

Yet, what did others start doing? They started using that exact same phrase in their branding, saying they are the most successful crowdfunding marketing agency. 

About 6 months ago we started displaying on our home page how much we have helped raised across all our campaigns.

Guess what happened.... Yep, that's right.

Shortly thereafter other agencies started saying how much they had raised as well. And in the weirdest turn of events, this time they weren't copying us. Now they were showing bigger numbers than Funded Today!

We don't call those people copy cats. We call them something else.

To all the agencies out there who like to copy us I'd simply say: You can copy all you want, you will always be one step behind.

Just cuz you wear air jordans, don't make you no Michael Jordan ;)

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