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Funded Today helped us raise $4.4 Million in the last 3 weeks of our campaign.

- Hiral Sanghavi, Baubax

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Brenda Brundage

RooSport 2.0 Kickstarter $115,111 Raised

"Funded Today generated $115,111 in pledges for our Kickstarter project. We also used about 3 other companies who said they'd generate pledges for us, but we didn't see any results from them. Funded Today actually generated pledges. We could see & track the pledges coming in on our Kickstarter dashboard. We're very happy with the results!”

Jacob Durham

The Basics Wallet

"We contacted blogs and websites, but we found it was really hard to get their attention. After long consideration we ended up enlisting the help of Funded Today. They made a huge difference. I would recommend something like this. It was a huge part of our success. No matter how good your project is, you will never be successful if no one knows about it.”

Harry Ericson


"After 40 days, our Kickstarter had $190,000 in pledges. We needed $110,000 more in less than a week to reach our goal. We hired Funded Today and they far surpassed our expectations. We blew past our goal of $300,000 in 5 days.”

Ed Farrell


"Funded Today landed us in the Top 10 on all of Kickstarter! We went from 14th to 3rd and remained in the Top 5 throughout our marketing campaign with Funded Today. It truly was an awesome finish! Funded.Today has a super-power and it's marketing Kickstarter projects. They took on our project with only 3 and 1/2 days left and doubled our funding. They delivered what they said they would - even though I did not think it was possible. Plus, they are great guys to work with which is a bonus. From the first impression I got on their website all the way through to their quality of service, Funded Today attracts the highest quality projects. From a prospective client/customer perspective, I especially like the "how you do it" video and portion of your website. I think is key to increasing credibility and allaying prospects' unspoken fears, especially given most kickstarter creators have a high level of skepticism because they have been approached by so many people who promise to deliver X, but who really actually suck at what they do. Without saying how you do it, someone might be left with the suspicion that you engage in some "black hat" type methods to drive traffic. Funded Today is the real deal!”

Lance Williams

Wood Minimalist Wallet

"Pledges spiked after working with Funded.Today. We made more money in the few days we worked with Funded Today than we made in the 20+ days when we tried to go it alone. Their process took a few days for things to really start working but when the ads started clicking, the change was immediate and noticeable. The service was so great, we have actually already started working with them on our next Kickstarter project.”


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Unstable Unicorns


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  4. Payment is a % of pledges.
  5. Payment for our Due Diligence and Product Validation Period is due upfront, payment for our "Full Marketing Suite" is due after you receive your funds from Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. See if your Kickstarter qualifies.

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