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2016 Crowdfunding Videos Awards and What to Learn From Them

There is a lot that can be learned from studying award-winning crowdfunding videos.

If you take a look at the most funded campaigns of all time, you can see that they all have one thing in common: A compelling video and page presentation. In fact, besides having an awesome product or idea to start with, your video is the number 1 factor that can make or break your campaign.

NextGen Crowdfunding hosted the CVA Crowdfunding Video Awards competition earlier this year to determine 2016’s top 3 videos of reward-based and equity crowdfunding platforms. With 6 rounds of voting from the public, three winners were chosen.

Let’s see what we can learn from each video.

NextGen CVA Crowdfunding Video Awards:

1ST PLACE CROWDFUNDING VIDEO AWARD WINNER--Limitless Phone Case by Mous.Crowdfunding Video Awards, Kickstarter Video awards

The Limitless Phone Case is incredibly durable and anyone who watches this Indiegogo video can see that. Showing a product in action is one of the quickest ways to build credibility and trust that your product is going to do what you say it does.

 The creators are so confident in their product that they were willing to drop an iPhone off a 45 ft crane onto concrete waiting below. There wasn’t even a scratch. This is powerful imagery. 

Then to top it off, the script is well written, informative, and persuasive. This is definitely something you need to perfect in your Kickstarter video.

2ND PLACE CROWDFUNDING VIDEO AWARD WINNER: Noria HomeCrowdfunding Video Awards, Kickstarter Video awards

The voice-over in this video particularly stood out to me. It is crisp and soothing and really sets the mood for the whole video.

Following the same pattern as the Limitless Phone case campaign, they featured an actor demonstrating the product. It was comforting to see that she could use and lift the Noria Home by herself with apparent ease. Another key feature she demonstrated was the interaction between the product and the app. Physically showing that interaction can add credibility to your campaign if you have a product that works in conjunction with an app.

The use of natural diffused lighting is also very attractive in this Kickstarter video. Notice that the lighting isn’t perfect, and this is ok because it feels very natural. 

Perfection is desirable, but there are more important details to focus on in your Kickstarter video, such as the script. The Noria Home video has a compelling script, and this is the main reason the video is award-winning. 

Fun fact; our team at Funded Today worked on the Kickstarter marketing for this campaign, and helped them to raise $1,467,498!


Crowdfunding Video Awards, Kickstarter video awards
I really enjoyed the creative use of sound as the hook in this crowdfunding video. It captivates us viewers while leaving us wondering what the rest of the video has to offer.

This particular campaign had a unique concept, yet they were able to keep the video under three minutes. Even with a short video, they still explained it well enough to keep potential backers interested enough to stay on their page.

The ideal crowdfunding video length is 1-3 minutes in most cases. Occasionally more time is needed to explain a product or concept, and this can be hard to determine. For further help in determining the right length for your Kickstarter video, check out our recent blog post: The Ideal Kickstarter Video Length to Convert Viewers Into Backers.

How Do You Make an Award-Winning Kickstarter Video in The Midst of Thousands of Other Crowdfunding Videos?

Each of these three award-winning crowdfunding videos stood out from thousands of other videos made in 2016. You may have noticed that they also have some similarities. The five most important elements they share are actually those covered in our recent blog:  5 Essential Crowdfunding Video Tips:

1-Take your time on the video script. Consult great sales people and copywriters, if possible.

2-Add a professional touch to your Kickstarter video with clear sound, quality footage, location, and lighting.

3-Show someone interacting with the product and enjoying its benefits.

4-Consider the length of your video. Keep it as short and sweet as you can without sacrificing the clarity of the pitch.

5-Ask for help. Whether that be feedback from others or consulting with the experts.

Every Kickstarter video is going to be unique and special in its own way. In the end, the success of your Kickstarter campaign doesn’t come down to how many awards your video may receive. What truly matters is if your Kickstarter video persuades potential backers to back your project. Awards don’t mean anything if your video can’t raise money. Getting your campaign funded is the best reward of all.

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