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3 Key Elements for a Great Kickstarter Video Script

Your Kickstarter Video Script is the Most Important Piece of the Kickstarter Video Puzzle.

Think of the Kickstarter Video Script as the sales pitch of your campaign. If your script is poorly written or nonexistent, it won’t matter if your Kickstarter video looks like a million bucks.

There have been countless campaigns on Kickstarter that have had amazing footage, yet the campaign failed. Why?

I don’t have anything against beautiful product photos, but I’ve seen plenty of product do extremely well on Kickstarter with only basic photography and a killer sales pitch. Your product doesn’t have to look flawless to be well-featured.

It’s about showing potential backers they can use the product and convince your audience that they want and/or need the product. The Kickstarter video script is the most effective way to persuade your backers. Pristine imagery is not necessary, though it definitely adds a professional touch.

The Kickstarter video script can be broken down into three essential ingredients:

Kickstarter Video Script, Ingredient  1: The Set-Up

First, you will need a good hook. Your audience needs an emotional, personal, and highly targeted mental hook that will capture their minds and keep them on your Kickstarter page. Start with your strongest material first. David Ogilvy, an advertising executive says, “When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire.”

Start out by locating the problem(s) your key audience has. Let that problem really sink in and explain the impact it has on their daily lives.

Kickstarter Video Script, Ingredient 2: The Solution

Now that you have reminded your potential backers of the reason for their headache, it’s time for you to come to the rescue with the cure to their pain. What are the solutions your product has to offer?

Explain these solutions with your Kickstarter Video Script, and feature an actor interacting with your product, demonstrating how it solves the audience’s problem(s). Now is your time to show off what makes your campaign so special. Why do your backers need your product instead of something else already out on the market?

If you know of any objections, overcome them. For Instance, if the price is “too high”, explain why it’s not. Highlight the features, quality, and benefits that give the product value.

Kickstarter Video Script, Ingredient 3: The Resolution

Did you know that 85% of sales interactions end without the salesperson asking for the sale? Don’t let this be you after all your hard work. Asking for the sale in your Kickstarter video script can be short and simple, but make sure it’s there.

Your goal should be to get backers to say “Yes, I need that!” and then back your campaign. Many won’t do this until you ask them to.

Conclusion of our Kickstarter Video Script Discussion

Kickstarter Video ScriptIf these ingredients sound too simple, you are correct. We are just scratching the surface of everything you will want to know about writing an effective script.  If you are serious about writing your own, take the time to read a few books on writing sales letters, such as “The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales,” or “ How to Write Words That Sell: Create Your Own Money Making Ads, Sales Letters, Email and Social Media Hacks.”

You can do all of this by yourself, or you can hire the world’s leading crowdfunding marketing agency who already knows how to write a persuasive Kickstarter video script.

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We also understand how to bring that video to life with compelling imagery and expert video editing skills. We would honestly have to write books to discuss all the skills and finesse that goes into making that happen.

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