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How to Make a Professional Kickstarter Video

How do you know what is worth fixing in your Kickstarter video?  What should just be left alone?

I’ve personally seen companies who feel that their Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign would just do better if they made their video slightly better.

Sometimes changing the video will help, like the time when Funded Today helped Aaron Johnson take his 9K failure and turn it into a $224,797 success.

But if you find yourself changing things over and over without a major shift in results, the problem might be your product, your price, your promotion strategy, or any of the other 7Ps for Crowdfunding Success.

When you put something as important as your Kickstarter video in the hands of a crowdfunding video company, it is natural for you to want your video to be perfect. You might see several things that you want to fix.

 Maybe that camera angle could be slightly different, maybe that actor has a big nose, maybe that hat is crooked, many the product color is wrong, and so on. Just be careful--you might be in danger of letting your Kickstarter video “Frankenstein.”

When is a Kickstarter Video Considered “Frankensteined”?

You’ll know that your Kickstarter video has “Frankensteined” when it has been modified so many times that it has lost the integrity of the original video. It can feel choppy, pieced together, and lose its finesse.

 If the result does not simply motivate your potential backers, all those changes turn out to be a waste of time. 

That precious time could instead be spent on other the important steps necessary for a successful crowdfunding campaign such as your page design email lead generation, press release, hiring a marketing agency such as Funded Today and so on.

Instead of worrying about the small things, let us help you see the bigger picture. Funded Today has helped thousands of campaigns and we have found that the best Kickstarter videos down to a great sales pitch and whether or not the video was shot clearly.

If these two things are on point, the little things don’t matter as much. However, you can tweak and fix the little things all day and if the sales pitch isn’t there and the footage is bad, then your Kickstarter video isn’t going to help you much on your crowdfunding journey.

We recently worked with a client who wanted to change little parts of their Kickstarter video over and over again. No matter how many great changes we made, they were never satisfied. They jumped from video creator to video creator trying to find someone who could achieve this desired perfection. 

The Kickstarter video that could have become Michelangelo’s David instead became “Frankenstein’s Monster.” They made so many changes and passed the project through so many hands that it felt pieced together and unnatural. This probably cost a lot more money than they planned on and in the end, their campaign didn’t fund.

Yes, perfection is desirable, just remember that if you sweat the small details in your Kickstarter video production, you may lose sight of the big picture. In fact, why should you sweat at all the small things when you could hire an agency like Funded Today who understands what it takes to make your Kickstarter video or Indiegogo video great.

 As the leading crowdfunding marketing agency in the world, Funded Today has even taken Frankensteined videos and re-edited them into beautiful money makers. (See Shotbox 2.0) No, they didn’t look like $100,000+ apple commercials, but a successful Kickstarter video rarely needs to look that expensive. 

Whether you are launching on  Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other similar platforms, you can trust the creative team at Funded Today. We’ll put our expertise and creativity into making you a great crowdfunding video.

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