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3 Ways to Increase kickstarter Video Views

The more Kickstarter video views you can get, the more pledges will go up, right?

This may or may not be true, depending on many factors. if 1000 Kickstarter video views only lead to 10 pledges, that is only a 1% conversion rate. That is essentially terrible conversion. If viewers aren’t being converted into backers, the large number of views doesn’t do much for your campaign.

Your goal should be to convert viewers into backers. So Instead of focusing on increasing the quantity of Kickstarter video views, we will focus on how to improve the conversion of each video view.

There are three ways to do this:

1. Adjust your marketing strategy.

2. Fix your video

3. Go back to the drawing board for your actual product.

Let’s break down each of these points individually.

1- Adjust your marketing strategy to increase Kickstarter video views.

The majority of Kickstarter video views occur on the actual campaign page, so try adjusting your marketing to get more people on your page.Kickstarter Video Views

Don’t forget about the people in the world who aren’t searching Kickstarter on a regular basis. Your marketing efforts can reach many people who wouldn’t have known about your campaign otherwise. Even though a large portion of backers come from traffic on Kickstarter, you also can’t expect people to come across your campaign and back it right then. Sometimes it takes multiple exposures to the campaign before someone will back your project.

Facebook has proven to be one of the best new-age spaces for paid advertisements, if you know how to do them right. Other common marketing platforms include Instagram, Twitter, crowdfunding forums, email, etc.

Are you already running marketing for your campaign? Consider the possibility that you might be targeting the wrong audience. Try out a few different demographics until you find one that works and run with it.

Work smarter not harder.

Marketing may not be your forte. This is the case with most campaigns that run on Kickstarter, so you are not alone. Consider hiring a marketing agency, like Funded Today, who knows how to effectively drive traffic to your campaign. At Funded Today, we keep discovering new methods beyond the traditional paid-media approach, that could potentially soon surpass it!

2 - Fix your video to Improve Kickstarter video views.

In order to increase the value of Kickstarter video views, you need a video that will convert viewers into backers. This is not an easy feat.

Kickstarter Video ViewsWhen Shotbox came to Funded Today, they had only raised around $8,000 and weren't going to hit their goal of $15,000. Our usual promotional strategies weren't working either.

Our Co-founder, Thomas Alvord,  noticed that their video and page design were not effectively selling the product.  Funded Today’s creative team edited both the video and page design and then handed the project over to Funded Today’s marketing wizards.

That deceptively simple fix resulted in $184,791 raised for Shotbox 2.0! Since then, we have also helped them to raise $224,797 on Indiegogo InDemand.

A video and page redesign made a world of difference for the Shotbox 2.0 campaign, and it could be the solution for you too. Check out our recent blog post to learn about the 4 Crucial Components of the Kickstarter Video Formula.

3 - Go back to the drawing board. Your Kickstarter video views are telling you something.

It doesn’t always matter how great your video is. Your video can’t do everything for your campaign if its star (your product) isn’t something that people want.

You can accept defeat from a failed campaign or you can choose to learn from it and try again. You may be able to simply modify your existing product into something cooler, better, techier, etc, or perhaps you may be better off coming up with a whole new product idea.

The first P in The 7 P’s For Crowdfunding Success is the “Product.” How do you know if your product is good enough? Start by asking yourself these questions:Kickstarter Video Views 

  • Why is this product different/special/unique?”

  • Is there something about your product, some benefit, that makes it wholly special?

  • Would you buy this product? Will your family and friends actually give you cash for it?

  • Is your product “techy” or cool?

  • Will a lot of people need or want this product and/or its benefits?

Even if you have all the right answers to the questions above, there is no way to foresee whether the market is going to adopt your idea until you test it out. There is a risk factor when starting any business, and crowdfunding is no exception.

You can, however, set the campaign up for success early on with the right video, page design, and marketing. These are factors you can control.

Funded Today has worked with a few clients whose products failed on Kickstarter, and they changed their product itself to find excellent success on their new campaign. Funded Today has raised more money for more campaigns than any other marketing agency in the world. The only companies that drive more traffic to Kickstarter are giants: Google, Youtube, and Facebook.

Funded Today originally started in a basement with an idea that has grown to have a huge impact on the crowdfunding marketing world. Our company has also expanded beyond marketing to include an exceptional creative team.  They have the required know-how and expertise to produce a compelling video and page design to promote your campaign, and therefore increase Kickstarter video views.

No matter what stage your campaign is, we can help. Fill out this online form to Jumpstart your campaign today.