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4 Crucial Components of the Kickstarter Video Formula

Introducing, the Kickstarter Video Formula:

Awesome Product

+ Persuasive Script

+ Clear Visuals and Audio

+ You

+ ???

= A compelling crowdfunding video

You may be wondering about these unknowns: “???”

Well, since every campaign is going to be unique, so the video should be unique as well. Because of this, there is not an exact Kickstarter video formula that will work for every campaign. However, with these four known components, your video will be off to a great start.

Kickstarter Video Formula Component 1: The Product

This Kickstarter video formula won’t even work unless the star of the video, your product, is something customers want. A very important question to ask yourself from the start is this: Would I, myself, want to back this project? If so, why? If not, why not?

How universal is your idea/product/service? Is it something everybody needs? The goal is to excite as many people as possible. If you expect others to back your campaign, start by deciding if you would back it yourself. Then spread the question to a wide range of people.

If it turns out that your product is something hardly anybody needs or wants, the video can’t perform as well as it could otherwise.

Kickstarter Video Formula Component 2: Persuasive Script

Besides creating a product that backers will want to invest in, the script is the most important part of the Kickstarter Video Formula. Think of the video script as the sales pitch of your campaign. If your script is poorly written or nonexistent, it won’t matter if your Kickstarter video looks like a million bucks.

Start out by locating the problem(s) your target audience has. Let that problem really sink in and explain the impact it has on their daily lives.Kickstarter Video Formula

Now that you have reminded your potential backers of the reason for their headache, it’s time for you to come to the rescue with the cure to their pain. What are the solutions your product has to offer?

Lastly, make sure you ask for the sale. Did you know that 85% of sales interactions end without the salesperson asking for the sale? Don’t let this be you after all your hard work. Asking for the sale in your Kickstarter video script can be short and simple, but make sure it’s there.

If you have the budget, we suggest having a professional write your script. We make it sound easy above, but it takes great discipline and skill to write compelling, clear sales scripts.

Kickstarter Video Formula Component 3: The Visuals and Audio

Crystal sound, clear footage, and controlled lighting are all elements needed to add a professional touch to the Kickstarter video formula. True, many past Kickstarters have succeeded with low-quality footage, especially when they are a scrappy startup, but stepping up quality will improve your company image.  Your phone by itself is not good enough to achieve the desired professional quality. Neither are most low-end digital cameras.

Boost the professional quality of your Kickstarter video with the right equipment:

Professional Video Camera: Image clarity is so crucial if you want to impress potential backers and keep them fixated on your video. Kickstarter Video Formula

Lighting: Natural diffused lighting is an inexpensive path to quality if you know how to use it correctly; It’s just not always available, so it’s good to have high-quality lighting equipment on hand. Having improved in recent years, LED Lighting can be a great, inexpensive option when it comes to Kickstarter video lighting equipment.

Microphone: The sound in your Kickstarter video formula is almost more important than the imagery. High-quality microphone equipment is so important to capture the clear and rich sound needed for a Kickstarter video.

Kickstarter Video Formula Component 4: You

Be creative and have fun with this.  Your backers aren’t just investing in the product. They are backing your product, your cause, and your company. The Kickstarter video is a great chance to show your potential backers what makes your product and company so special.

There are endless ways to do this, so be creative.

For instance, if your campaign has a captivating, emotional, and/or moving story, share it. You can capture this on camera, or even with a voice-over while showing other powerful imagery.

One word of caution: be careful with using humor. While humor may seem like a great way to entertain in a video, it is also very tricky to use correctly and can end up hurting your campaign. Most of the time humor is not even necessary to fund your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

For more guidance on humor, check out our recent blog post: When to Use Humor in Your Kickstarter Video

When you apply these 4 crucial components of the Kickstarter video formula, your video can be a powerful asset to the success of your campaign.Kickstarter Video Formula

As you can imagine, this Kickstarter video formula is easier said than done. Especially since we are just scratching the surface of everything we’ve gained from years of experience.

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