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How to Choose Kickstarter Video Background Music

Are you trying to find the perfect background music for your Kickstarter campaign?

Before picking your Kickstarter video background music, consider why the music is so vital to the success of your video.

Kickstarter Video Background MusicRegardless of the product you are selling, people will buy based on feelings. They will make a decision based on how they feel about the product and the creator. The background music is one of the quickest ways to influence the emotional state of your backers.

The right Kickstarter video background music can make you feel happy, excited, or inspired. It can persuade a smile or, in rare cases, laughter. Be careful to avoid provoking negative feelings like anger or sadness. Once you have decided on the emotion(s) you want your backers to feel when they watch your Kickstarter video, picking the background music should become a lot easier.

Where to Find The Perfect Kickstarter Video Background Music?

Most songs are protected by copyright, so you will need to purchase the rights to music through an online music library. Sometimes it’s worth purchasing custom music from a composer. Funded Today does both, depending on the other production costs.

If you google search for an online music library, you will find that there are a variety of sources to choose from.

AudioJungle is the most used database for Kickstarter video background music. The cost for these songs range from $15-$19 and they even have package options for $28-$30. AudioJungle has a great selection, with a wide variety to choose from. The only downside is that because this is the most used database, you are more likely to hear your background music in another Kickstarter video.

Freeplay Music is an appealing music library source because they have over 15,000 songs to choose from, and it’s free for personal use. Just know that if you want to post your video on Youtube or Kickstarter, you legally have to purchase the song and then your cost will be over $100.

Another great online music library source is Shutterstock. Their pricing for Kickstarter video background Music is reasonably priced at $49 per song, and they have a huge selection of high-quality songs to choose from. Another bonus is that Shutterstock is also a database for images and video footage as well.

Finding the perfect Kickstarter video background music can be very time consuming and a bit overwhelming. It can feel like your options are endless. Just know that you don’t have to conquer this project on your own.

Of course, if the music were the only secret to crowdfunding video success, more people would have six-figure funding on their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. A script that sells and a team that knows how to optimize your presentation and promotion are much more critical to crowdfunding success. Consider hiring a crowdfunding marketing agency to take this weight off your shoulders.

And who would be better to do this than the best crowdfunding marketing agency in the world? Funded Today is up there with Google and Facebook when it comes to driving traffic to Kickstarter. We can take care of the entire video production for you, design your page, and drive traffic to your campaign as well.

The video production team at Funded Today uses a variety of sources to find the best song suited for each unique Kickstarter video we work on. We have the knowledge and skill to find a song that will go perfectly with your campaign. The mood, the tempo, the balance, and everything else will be in trusted hands.

Fill out this online form to speak with one of our Client Specialists and see how Funded Today can help with your Kickstarter video background music as well as the rest of your campaign video and page design.