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The Best Kickstarter Marketing Agency - Funded Today Review - A Focused Look at Kickstarter’s and IndieGoGo’s Top Marketing Agency

You’re a creator. You’ve examined your ideas, invested your time and pieces of your soul, and now you have a creation that is ready for crowdfunding. As a creator, you no doubt have ideas about how to market your crowdfunding campaign. After all, this is your baby, your dream, and most likely, your livelihood.

And that means when it’s time to choose a crowdfunding marketing partner to run your Kickstarter campaign, or to boost a failing crowdfunding campaign, it’s vital that you entrust your creation to someone who is going to bring you the success you deserve.

If you are looking for the best Kickstarter marketing company, look no further than Funded Today.

By every objective measure, when comparing Kickstarter and IndieGoGo marketing agencies, Funded Today comes out on top.

You’re smart and that means you know it’s imperative that you do your research on the crowdfunding agencies that potentially fit best with you and your dream. Clearly, not all crowdfunding marketing agencies are created equal. Some are better fits for certain types of projects and some you should never hire, whatsoever!

For instance, some crowdfunding marketing companies do great with small projects, while other Kickstarter agencies excel at larger, money-making campaigns. And this is why you need to do your research so that you can select a crowdfunding marketing agency that truly “gets” what you and your project are about.

To help you with your research, we wanted to provide you with a focused review of our company, Funded Today. We are the best Kickstarter crowdfunding marketing agency not simply because we say so, but because the facts and data prove so as well.

Whether you’re looking to start, or boost, your crowdfunding campaign, it’s definitely worth your time to look at the pros and cons of working with Funded Today. And we’re not just saying that to sound good. The results our Clients have seen in terms of total Kickstarter funds raised and the total number of campaigns we’ve helped to raise over $200,000,000 USD and counting for, are definitive proof, in and of themselves, that we know what we’re doing and we can generate great results for a variety of campaigns. 

Services Offered at The Best Kickstarter Marketing Agency - Funded Today

To begin, it’s important that you get the right crowdfunding services for your campaign. There are many services offered (Like all of those little websites that will hit you up promising to land PR, do press releases, and garner press for your campaign) that you should strictly avoid. They do not get good results. We believe in GOOD press, don’t get me wrong. But, the press that you need to be working to land for your campaign must be garnered through RELATIONSHIPS and networking (Not through mass emailing a cold list of journalists who get hit up daily by thousands of other project creators). There are other agencies who only do Facebook ads. That’s a one-trick pony and is not always the best approach for your specific campaign. The best crowdfunding marketing agencies need to offer specific services catered to your individual campaign. That’s why at Funded Today, we believe in a more holistic approach to crowdfunding.We don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all approach where just Facebook ads or just press are the solution. We are an all-in-one crowdfunding marketing and creative agency.

Here’s a few things that sets us apart from the rest and why we think Funded Today is the best crowdfunding marketing agency around.

1.    Free consultation with a Client Specialist

We are happy to consult with you about your project at no cost to you. Learn what Funded Today can do for your project or campaign by going here: Kickstarter Marketing or here: IndieGoGo Marketing or here: Crowdfunding Marketing. Once you have applied on our website, generally within 24 hours (Sometimes even quicker) one of our Senior Client Specialists will arrange for a Skype or phone call consultation with you to go over your campaign or project needs. Together, we’ll assess your budget, your goals, and go over our strategies to give you the best possible chance to successfully market your crowdfunding campaign.

2. Proprietary Marketing System

The best Kickstarter crowdfunding marketing agency better have a proprietary system in place! And, Funded Today is no exception. We’ve designed our proprietary crowdfunding marketing system to get more pledges for every campaign we work with. 

The simplest way to understand our “Due Diligence and Product Validation Period” is to understand that because we have now worked with thousands of campaigns, we know the ropes of rewards-based crowdfunding. By utilizing our vast knowledge-base of experience and network of past campaigns (We’ve used our system on over 3000 campaigns and projects now), we create a specially-tailored and formulated paid media approach to determine whether you have a winner or a project that needs to pivot (Learn more about this on our 7 P’s For Crowdfunding Success article). And, here’s the best part: We can figure this out in sometimes as quickly as 3 days! In fact, the longest we require is 10-14 days. That’s the power of working with the best Kickstarter crowdfunding agency: Because we have the data and the experience of past campaigns, and have already done that hard work of validating products and ideas similar to your own, we can expedite this process for you, saving you tens of thousands in research and development and thousands of hours in personally trying to validate new ideas. 

Once your campaign is proven to be a good fit and passed our Product Validation and Due Diligence Period, our system expands to include full scale paid media (We’ve got the largest email crowdfunding database in the world, aside from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo themselves), cross collaborations (We have the largest network of influencers and past campaign creators who have joined our massive cross promotion network that you get to be a part of, just because you’re working with the best Kickstarter marketing agency, Funded Today), The Funded Today Cashback Network (The largest affiliate email list in the crowdfunding. And yes, we’re larger than even Kickbooster and we generate thousands more in pledges than Kickbooster as well), Earned Media and PR Outreach, influencer outreach as well as our newest marketing channel: incentivized press and influencer marketing.

3.    Exclusive Double Opted-in Email List

Funded Today features a double opted-in email list of past Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers who have backed projects and campaigns similar to yours. What this means for you is that the list of potential backers we connect with to back your project have repeatedly shown interest in products similar to yours. This is the most powerful (i.e. It converts at the highest EPV-Earnings Per View) resource in the crowdfunding world. And, that’s what you would expect the best Kickstarter crowdfunding marketing agency in the world to possess, right? 

4.    Video and Page Design and Creation

Not only does Funded Today feature the best crowdfunding marketing agency, we also have springboarded our marketing prowess and success to our crowdfunding page design and video creation division. Now, Funded Today has an entire Creative department that you’ll have at your disposal to create an effective campaign video, write a script that convinces Prospective Backers/Customers to pledge to yoru campaign, and design a compelling crowdfunding page that gets conversions. Who better to design your crowdfunding page, write your script and story to help sell your product, and film, edit, and master your crowdfunding video than the best Kickstarter agency in the world? And remember, we are agency who has raised over $200,000,000 marketing. Just imagine the little nuances and subtle details we have learned through the years, having raised that much money, that we can now put to use on the DESIGN side of things for our Clients! We’ve been really excited about the results we’ve seen from this division!

5.    Earn Cashback

As I mentioned earlier, our Funded Today Cashback Network and Affiliate Program earns you and your Backers 10% cashback when you or they buy, or refer others to buy, any Kickstarter or Indiegogo product in the Funded Today marketplace. We have found this is the best way to engage with your Backers while also giving them an extra little incentive to back your campaign! And, here’s the best part: When you hire the best Kickstarter crowdfunding marketing agency (That’s Funded Today, by the way!), WE cover the 10% cost as part of our service! So, not only do you get access to the largest network of motivated, serial backers/customers when you work the best, you also don’t have to cover that 10%, we build that right into our service costs and we cover all of the affiliate payments and cashback redemptions in house so you can focus on what matters: Managing your Backers/Customers and fulfilling and delivering on your product!

6.    The Funded Today Blog and Other Resources

If you were looking for the best crowdfunding agency, you would expect that entity to be experts in the field. And, what better way to showcase knowledge and expertise than the very content you are now reading: Our Funded Today blog! In our blog we discuss some of the very strategies we’ve used to raise over $200 million on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, along with insider tips from successful campaigns. We’ve written on numerous topics ranging as broadly as crowdfunding marketing tips to crowdfunding page design strategies and we also publish content regularly on our Funded Today Youtube Channel.  You should definitely peruse to our blog to learn more about crowdfunding for free – includes case studies and crowdfunding tips.

Funded Today owns and operates many Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels. And, out of all of the other crowdfunding marketing agencies in the world, Funded Today has the largest reach. This is a proven fact (Just like the fact that we’ve raised more money than every other agency as well is a hard, proven, and easily-transparency fact). Funded Today’s marketing Facebook page has more likes, more reach, and more traffic than any other of our competitors Facebook pages as well.

Pros of The Best Kickstarter Crowdfunding Marketing Agency - Funded Today Crowdfunding Marketing

Aside from what we’ve discussed earlier, here are some of the pros of working with the best crowdfunding marketing agency.

1. Low Fees / Versatile Fee Structure

For campaigns that meet Funded Today's proprietary 'Marketing Success Criteria', you will pay very little money upfront. We can take what you have done to make your campaign successful and leverage our resources to raise you even more money. This means, when your product meets our ‘Marketing Success Criteria’, aside from the small upfront fee you will pay, you are only charged if Funded Today raises you more money than you have already raised. In other words, you pay based on performance. If Funded Today raises you no more money, then you don’t pay us any money. We want to be fair to our Clients. And, we want to put our money where our mouth is. So, we make most of our money, as an agency, by getting great results for our Clients. We pioneered this approach to agency work and several other agencies have now tried to copied us (Though they still don’t understand product validation the way we do). We believe the best crowdfunding marketing agencies should function just like this. And that’s why we don’t mind proving ourselves to our Clients.

Our Marketing Success Criteria includes things such as asking the right questions:

  1. Would we want to buy your product ourselves? This hits on ubiquity and cool, with one question.

  2. How much money has your product raised so far? 

  3. How much money have we raised before on similar projects? What’s our track record in this product category? What additional support or value can we bring to your campaign?

  4. What stage is your project in?  Prelaunch? If so, when is your product launching?  Can we help you craft a powerful story and design a compelling page and film an amazing video? Do you have assets of past campaigns, projects, email lists, customers, backers?  What else do you have in your arsenal that will help us help you raise a lot of money?

  5. Is your product unique? Can someone find your product or something similar on Amazon, WalMart, Bed Bath and Beyond, or elsewhere? We want the answer to be “NO” in this case.

These questions are just a small sample of our Marketing Success Criteria approach. When your product meets our criteria, not only will you pay very little upfront, Funded Today will be your temporary “mini bank or lender” acting as a short-term creditor, and cover the ad cost for your campaign! Because we spends hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, we’ve got huge ad accounts with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We can spend our money until you get your money released from Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. This is a huge advantage if you’re a start-up strapped for cash because you’ve spent your money on prototyping, designing, and bringing your product to life. And, of course, we believe it’s something that you would simply expect from the best Kickstarter crowdfunding marketing agency. 

There are other crowdfunding marketing agencies that offer something similar to Funded Today’s performance-based fee structure but this usually means they are very specific and limited on who they will work with. 

So what can you do if your product does not meet our success criteria?

We offer other options, which allows us to work with a broader selection of Clients. For campaigns that don’t meet Funded Today’s proprietary ‘Marketing Success Criteria’, you would simply pay a nominal Product Validation & Due Diligence fee. This comprehensive service includes the setup, implementation, and the analysis of your paid digital marketing, in addition to initial advertising costs.

So, as a creator you cover the initial cost, and risk, of applying Funded Today's powerful marketing system to your campaign. This more versatile approach for hard-to-gauge campaigns has allowed us to run many campaigns that did not seem as initially promising – and has led to great success for those creators.

A great example of this is Spine Gym. When Funded Today began marketing for Spine Gym, they had only raised $8,097. Since the campaign goal was $50,000, things were not looking all that great. One month later, the Creator of Spine Gym, Timo Heino, had $463,996 in pledges on Kickstarter because of our marketing efforts!. We catapulted our Kickstarter marketing success of SpineGym to IndieGoGo-InDemand, where we raised over $1.7 million in total gross pledges!

2. You are not prohibited from working with others

Most of our competitor crowdfunding marketing agencies do not allow you to work with other agencies at the same time. Funded Today is quite the opposite. We embrace collaboration. That means we don't mind at all working with other crowdfunding agencies on your campaign. Whether these agencies are PR firms, digital ad firms, or campaign creation firms. We even provide special tracking links to ensure that we are not charging you for the efforts of other agencies working on your behalf. And again, I know I’ve said this a hundred times in this article: This is just something we thought you’d hope to expect to see from the best crowdfunding marketing agency. And, that’s why we pioneered this approach.

3. Unlimited scale and potential

Funded Today marketing is not just for Kickstarter campaigns. We also excel on Indiegogo. In fact we have raised more money on IndieGoGo than any other agency in the world as well.  We are experienced with many different types of creators and projects, we don’t limit a budget, or target only a limited audience.

The bottom line is that Funded Today does not limit your campaign to just one audience, such as people interested only in backing Kickstarter projects. We have many, many audiences that we use, and we’re constantly creating and testing new audiences. This has allowed us to have tens of thousands of different audiences and to employ effective targeting techniques for each audience. 

Funded Today taps into affiliates, influencers, and our cashback network,  cross collaborations, PR, and of course, paid media. Some of the campaigns that Funded Today works on end up with more than 100 different referral sources! We track and optimize all of our efforts so that every campaign reaches as many people as possible, and so your campaign raises as much money as possible.  

When would The Best Crowdfunding Agency, Funded Today, Not Be Your Best Choice?

With all that Funded Today offers, that does not mean we are the best choice for everyone. Your creation deserves a crowdfunding campaign that fits well with you and your dream. So choose wisely.

1.    Charity-based Projects

When your project is charity-based then Funded Today is most likely not going to be your best choice.

2.    Smaller projects.

If your goal is to raise $5,000 USD or less and that’s what you’ll be happy with then Funded Today is probably not right for you. Maybe you’re only interested in a small project, or you don’t want the hassle and struggle of having to fulfill and ship many orders. That’s perfectly fine and Kickstarter has a wonderful new program just for you as well.

3.    If your creation is an app.

When all is said and done, even after you’ve finished reading this review of Funded Today, one of the next best ways to decide if Funded Today is the best crowdfunding agency for you, is to examine previous projects we’ve worked on and read, review, watch,and listen to, Funded Today reviews. Here’s a website dedicated to reviews of Funded Today. But in the interim, here are some of snippets from their testimonials and case studies:

  • Trunkster “Trunkster had raised $550,000 after 40 days, and was on track to raise $650,000 total. Funded Today came on with 21 days left. Because of Funded Today’s marketing, we raised an additional $750,000 more than we were going to raise on our own!” Kickstarter Link
  • BetterBack “Funded Today brought a wealth of experience and expertise to my campaign. I just wish I had known about them earlier. I'm certain I would not have reached $1M without their help.”  Kickstarter Link
  • Free Wavz "Freewavz had raised $190,000 in pledges. They needed $110,000 more pledges in less than one week to reach their goal. Funded Today turned on their marketing and blew past the goal of $300,000 in just the final five (5) days of our campaign!" Kickstarter Link
  • RooSport 2.0 "Funded Today generated $115,111 in pledges for our Kickstarter project. We also used about 3 other companies who said they'd generate pledges for us, but we didn't see any results from them. Funded Today actually generated pledges. We could see & track the pledges coming in on our Kickstarter dashboard. We're very happy with the results!” Kickstarter Link

Contact Funded Today

I hope this review showed you why Funded Today is the best Kickstarter and IndieGoGo crowdfunding marketing agency in the world. We’ve now raised over $200,000,000 USD and counting for thousands of campaigns. And, we also now over full service crowdfunding marketing and creative support. We know how to do your crowdfunding project right, from beginning to end!

If you believe that Funded Today is the best crowdfunding marketing agency and can help bring your next big idea to life and fulfill your dreams, you can get let’s start talking! To Get Started, go here now to arrange a time to speak with one of our Senior Client Specialists and let us help you take your project to the next level!