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The Ultimate Guide to Your Kickstarter Page Design

Have you been asking yourself: How do I build out a great Indiegogo or Kickstarter page design?

Having helped thousands of campaigns, and having done a lot of research ourselves on this subject, we’ve found that most helpful blogs focus mostly on the crowdfunding video and little on the Kickstarter page design.

Yes, the video is more important. Still, we’ve found that there are several things creators overlook like designing a Kickstarter page. Here are a few tips that could take an average page design and turn it into a Kickstarter page design that converts viewers into backers:

The first thing you should know when creating a Kickstarter page design is that while there is not a template that will work for every crowdfunding campaign, there are plenty of great examples out there to learn from. Just be careful to avoid copying everything you see verbatim. Every crowdfunding project is a bit different so you will need a unique template for your specific campaign. Here are are a few tips that you can use to improve your Kickstarter page design.

1 - Use plenty of clear images that show off your product in multiple applications. If your page is on Kickstarter, make sure to avoid realistic computer renderings. Kickstarter either won’t approve you or will ban you mid-campaign. Indiegogo isn’t as strict, but this tip is wise to follow if you want the backer’s trust.

2 - Think of your video as your sales pitch, and the Kickstarter page design as your sales letter. Together, they are the proof that your product is a real and appealing way for backers to spend their hard-earned cash.

3 - If you can, hire a sales copywriter. If not, the best way to come up with a great sales pitch is to practice selling your product over and over again.

4 - Hire a graphic designer who can make your presentation look nice, like you put some care into this project and didn’t just throw things together. It will also really help if you find a designer who understands crowdfunding. It’s standard to feature a graphic for rewards, a timeline, infographics on production, and pictures of your team.

You can do all of this yourself if you have a tight budget, and you can always check back on this blog (or our Ultimate Crowdfunding Success Guide) if you need more helpful tips. Still, it will save you time, energy, and headache to hire an experienced company like Funded Today, who has helped thousands of campaigns succeed, to help you with your Kickstarter page design.

Funded Today has the copywriter & designer wrapped up in one as well as experienced photographers and an awesome video production team. Funded Today is the leading crowdfunding marketing agency and has raised over $128,000,000 for campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which is more than any other company, so we definitely understand how to make an effective Kickstarter page design.

Have you created an awesome product, a great video, and now it’s time to get started on your Kickstarter page design?

If you would like this weight lifted off your shoulders today, here is a link to an online form you can fill out and one of Funded Today’s client specialists will be in touch.