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When to Use Humor in Your Kickstarter Video

When to Use Humor in Your Kickstarter Video

Here’s an interesting question. Should you use humor in your Kickstarter Video? Some would say, “Yes, do whatever you feel is right in your Kickstarter video.” This advice can be deceiving and may end up hurting the success of your crowdfunding campaign.

While humor may seem like a great way to entertain in a video, it is also very tricky to use correctly. Most of the time it’s not what you need to fund your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. 

Finding the Balance of Humor in Your Kickstarter Video is Important.

The Kickstarter video for Fidget Cube is a prime example of how to use humor correctly. The video is subtly funny, and at the same time informative and relatable. The creators also only used humor at the beginning and later transitioned to a more serious approach. This is an effective strategy in which you can use humor in your Kickstarter Video.

The Purple Mattress video is another great example to look at. In this Kickstarter Video, the humor is based on good-heartedness and honesty--two things that are hard to portray when trying to be funny. Still, humor doesn’t overpower the sales pitch of the product in their video.

The Purple Mattress is an innovative product that solves a problem in the mattress market. Backers loved and supported the idea. The fact that they showed how the product would benefit the backer is ultimately what persuaded them to buy the product. If you take the humor out of this video and leave the effective sales pitch, this campaign still would have done well on Kickstarter. 

Humor is not always helpful in a Kickstarter Video.

I recently worked with a creator of a crowdfunding campaign who thought he was funny. His whole video was filled with humor, except it didn’t work for his campaign. In fact, it was not very funny at all. The humor was very distracting, confusing, and even degraded the integrity of the brand he was trying to build. 

Humor in Kickstarter Video

Remember that what is funny to you, may not be funny to everyone. Even if you are the funniest person alive, it may not actually help to promote your product. 

Humor can be used when it resonates with your product and audience. Think about what your audience will like and relate to. When in doubt, try the “sense of fun” or professional approach instead. Your backers really just want to see how your product will fit into their lifestyle and then decide if they will use it. They don’t always want or need to be entertained by your Kickstarter Video.

We, humans, love humor because it puts us at ease and reduces stress, which are both things you want your product to do. When your product is something that eases pain and reduces stress, then perhaps that is what your video should do. This is a possible “vibe” to portray in your Kickstarter video with and without humor.

Instead of focusing on incorporating humor in your Kickstarter Video, consider shifting your focus to these 5 areas:

1-Take your time on the video script. Consult great salespeople and copywriters, if possible.

2-Add a professional touch to your Kickstarter video with clear sound, quality footage, location, and lighting. 

3-Show someone interacting with the product and enjoying its benefits.

4-Consider the length of your video. Keep it as short and sweet as you can without sacrificing the clarity of the pitch.

5-Ask for help. Whether that be feedback from others or consulting with the experts.

You can read more about these tips in our recent blog post: 5 Essential Crowdfunding Video Tips

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