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Do you really need a Kickstarter Video to Have a Successful Campaign?

Kickstarter tells us, “Videos are not required to launch, but projects that have compelling videos tend to succeed at a much higher rate.”

This advice comes straight from Kickstarter and many still wonder if you really need a Kickstarter video to have a successful campaign.

Right now, the success rate on Kickstarter is about 36%, and on Indiegogo it’s about 17.1% for fixed funding campaigns. Without a Kickstarter video, your campaign will be 85% more likely to fail.

Yes, there’s a small chance you can get your campaign funded without a video. Still, with the chances of success already so low, do you really want chance it even more?

Let’s dive into this a little deeper. Why do you need a Kickstarter video? How does it really affect your campaign? I can think of three big reasons:

1st Reason You Need a Kickstarter Video

Need a Kickstarter VideoThink of your video and page as two halves of a compelling sales pitch. Without a Kickstarter video, you only have half a sales pitch, which is as good as no sales pitch. Without a sales pitch, you likely won’t get many backers outside of friends and family.

If you could pitch your product to each and every one of your backers in person, would you simply hold up your product in front of them, speaking in only half sentences? Of course not! It even sounds a little ridiculous, right?

Don’t rely on the page story to be the sales pitch for your campaign. A Kickstarter video is your chance to get people an audio-visual experience around your product. Videos are far more effective because they better reflect life, unless you live life with your nose stuck in a magazine. The page design is still very important, and you should not skip over this part of your presentation. Still, your campaign page acts as the sales letter or even your backup salesman.

Your Kickstarter video is your product’s voice. Let its voice be heard!.

2nd Reason You Need a Kickstarter Video

Without a Kickstarter video, you may come across as lazy.

It’s true, a small percentage of people might not watch the video. Still, without one, potential customers may assume you are willing to cut corners just to save money, or that you don’t believe in your product enough to fully present it. This doesn’t exactly instill the desired trust you should want to build between you and your backers.

Imagine walking into a cool new store and there are employees all around, yet no one looks up to even greet you, and no one even appears interested in showing you all the cool gadgets. Imagine they assume you will read their signs, or worse, the back of the boxes. This approach may work for a grocery store, but specialty stores are much more high touch. ? I personally don’t want to give my business to a company that is too lazy to greet me and doesn’t tell me why I should be there.

Most campaign creators are not lazy. Some just don’t have the budget to hire a production company to create a video for their campaign. That’s ok! There are plenty of resources you can go to for advice, and you can even consult with crowdfunding video experts for less of an investment.

I’ve seen plenty of products do extremely well on Kickstarter with only basic videography and a killer sales pitch. Pristine imagery is not necessary, though it definitely adds a professional sparkle.

3rd Reason You Need a Kickstarter Video

Without a Kickstarter video, your backers may have a hard time envisioning themselves using your product.  Need a Kickstarter video

The downside with online shopping is that you can’t touch, feel, and try out a product for yourself to see if you will really like it. The problem only multiplies when it’s a product that people aren’t familiar with, and these types of products are the bread and butter of crowdfunding.

You need a Kickstarter video to show your backers how they can use your product and how it can be a benefit to them.

It’s especially effective if you can show how your product can be used in a variety of applications in order to appeal to a wider range of audiences. Even if you have a target market in mind, don’t close doors to others. The more ubiquitous your product can appear, the better.

If you aren’t quite sure how to do this, don’t worry. Our creative team is especially good at this, so we can help you.

Simply having a Kickstarter video on your campaign page is not enough to adequately sell your product.

You need a Kickstarter video that is compelling and has a solid pitch to actually sell your product. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Take your time on the video script. Consult great salespeople and copywriters, if possible.
  2. Add a professional touch to your Kickstarter video with clear sound, quality footage, location, and lighting.
  3. Show someone interacting with the product and enjoying its benefits.
  4. Consider the length of your video. Keep it as short and sweet as you can without sacrificing the clarity of the pitch.
  5. Ask for help. Whether that be feedback from others or consulting with the experts.

You can read more about these tips in our blog.

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