Learn the exact strategies we have used to raise over $200 million on Kickstarter.
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Learning From the Mistakes of The Edsel

By David Garber

Here are some thoughts about the Edsel, failure, success, and crowdfunding, which some entrepreneurs will hopefully find helpful along their respective paths to success.If at First You Don’t Succeed…We’ll never succeed if we never try.Trying hopefully results in success but, since nobody’s perfec... Continue Reading

How to Raise $100M+ Crowdfunding

By Zach Smith

Here’s a presentation I gave at Utah Crowdfunding Summit. I think that it’s the best presentation that I’ve ever given (yet). It explains seven factors that are crucial in crowdfunding success, provides tips about how to do well at each of them, and also presents examples to illustrate these prin... Continue Reading

How your Funding Goal and Rewards Structure Can Help You Win the Backer

By Shannon Ropelato

So you have the next million dollar idea, now what?  Among the many paths to making your dream a reality you are sure to consider crowdfunding as a key avenue to raising the funds necessary to bring your product from idea to production.  We are sure you have been busy studying the ... Continue Reading

How to Dissect the Kickstarter Video Outline into 4 parts

By Janelle Wiser

A Kickstarter video without a good outline is like a body with a bunch of broken bones. It’s still a body, but it won’t get you anywhere.There have been countless campaigns on Kickstarter that have had amazing footage, yet the campaign failed. Why? They didn’t have the “bones” of the Kicksta... Continue Reading

Do you really need a Kickstarter Video to Have a Successful Campaign?

By Janelle Wiser

Kickstarter tells us, “Videos are not required to launch, but projects that have compelling videos tend to succeed at a much higher rate.”This advice comes straight from Kickstarter and many still wonder if you really need a Kickstarter video to have a successful campaign.Right now, the... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Question: How Much Money Should Your Kickstarter Video Raise?

By Janelle Wiser

As of now, the Kickstarter success rate is only 35%.Most of those campaigns will raise less than $10,000!Why is this the case?A failed campaign generally means that you are missing one of the 7 P’s of Crowdfunding Success. While any one of these P’s can tip the scale and wreck a ca... Continue Reading

Get Kickstarter Video Help from Crowdfunding Experts in 1 of 3 Ways.

By Janelle Wiser

Your exact product presented differently can be the difference between a $10,000 campaign and a $200,000+ campaign.What does this mean for your campaign? Don’t cut corners on your video and page design!We’ve seen this time and time again where a campaign has a really great product idea, yet the v... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Increase kickstarter Video Views

By Thomas Alvord

The more Kickstarter video views you can get, the more pledges will go up, right?This may or may not be true, depending on many factors. if 1000 Kickstarter video views only lead to 10 pledges, that is only a 1% conversion rate. That is essentially terrible conversion. If viewers aren’t being con... Continue Reading

5 Tidbits of Kickstarter Video Advice that Could Save Your Campaign

By Janelle Wiser

Now that we’ve given you the formula to creating a compelling video, here is some Kickstarter video advice that could potentially save your campaign.Kickstarter Video Advice #1: Humor isn’t often the best go-to strategy.I know it’s super tempting to use humor in your Kickstarter video. ... Continue Reading

PR in Crowdfunding - Understanding the odd kid on the block

By Pascal Friedmann

I had a rather picturesque childhood in a tiny farming community in western Germany. But I quickly learned that I was a bit different from the other kids in town. For instance, while all the other kids played soccer, I always preferred basketball. I also enjoyed math when I was in school. These t... Continue Reading

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